What dress do I to wear to a wedding!?

You want to be that standout, drop-dead gorgeous (but still a little sassy) guest? Here are some suggestions. When we go to a wedding, there are actually fine lines that we need to be aware of. We have prepared, with careful attention to detail, make-up materials to choose, wedding dresses, shoes, handbags we need to wear etc. etc. Check the list below for some ideas of what to and NOT to do

Picture your own wedding day. The guests are smiling, the food is amazing, everyone’s having a good time; what do you see in the guests’ outfits? They all look fabulous, you want your wedding pictures to come out phenomenally, everyone looking *flirty undertone* FIIIIINE …You’re dress, makeup, the bag you may wear, the shoes you will wear – everything is like a piece of this complex puzzle that you are solving to ensure you and the married couple enjoy the day, like you all deserve to. Now you have more than one suggestion to help cater to your needs 🙂

1- Be Practical

You may be at a wedding like the noble Kate and William or they may have more simple and personal desires for their wedding, just with some close friends and family, whatever the choice, I feel ‘less is more’ is the latest vibe to trend with. It can be tricky trying to “fit in”. In such situations, formalism may come to the fore, and it is often the trousers-jacket or skirt-blouse suit that comes to mind. However, avoid this type of two-piece outfit and make your job easier by wearing a one-piece, non-short dress. Because it will be much more practical, and easy to prepare, with shoes and a striking lipstick. You do not have to eat yourself.

2- Avoid short skirt lengths!

One of the things that can ruin you, in a wedding, is going to the wedding with a dress that you can not relax in. Also, with respect for the bride, let her be the center of your interest for that day. They’re getting married, not you.  🙂 Do not forget that asymmetrical cuts, flying fabrics, long dresses accompanied by elegant slashes will make your legs look nicer. You don’t want to be sat on stage with your friend, shuffling to ensure that camera man doesn’t get any addition tip for his time. You also don’t want to be flashing kids walking up any stairs. I don’t think that’s the kind of attention people primarily desire. Attracting attention with grace is always the best. Then you will be a focus in your own right

3- Why Black?

Although black is a used and dull color, it has been the most important representative of elegance and fragrance in recent years. In fact, every woman’s wardrobe should have a black wedding dress that fits best for last-minute weddings. We can call black dressers a savior. For in the combination of simplicity and elegance, you can not be better than a black dress, to hold your own.

4- Small Bag, it’s not a trek

Large bags or bulky shoulder bags can not be your choice for a wedding day! It seems as if you have gone shopping, on the way to your nan’s house, or going to work, and I’m sure that is not your aim for impressions. You do not have to carry that bottle of water just in case, or that crisp packet coz you might get peck-ish. A small and stylish bag that is compatible with your dress or your shoes is sure to be a savior of you on these special occasions.

5- Choose the shoes you can stand in all day

If you are one of the closest to the bride, if you are going to run all day, or if you think that you will dance in the ball, heels will make your suffering slow (and deserved). You are going to either sob your way to that dance-floor or trip and sob after. To treat yourself well and enjoy the day’s pleasures, choose your favorite wedding shoes with short heels and a superior fit to remove the tension of blisters and pain!!!

6- Don’t forget your Jacket

If the wedding is done outside, you should get a jacket to go with your wedding dress. If it is done in the evening, take a jacket. Hell, even if it’s the middle of summer and midday indoors on a sunny day, take a jacket! The jacket you wear will show you off as more complete and stylish, and will protect you from any potential weather disasters. Even forgetting the practicality, think of your dress as a present, you will unwrap in front of the crowd. 

7- Take care of your accessories

Definitely accessorize, not too little, not too much. You don’t want to walk in like you’re a four year old who just found their mother’s wardrobe, but at the same time, adding a little colour, a little bling is not gonna hurt ya! Try on a necklace and dangle those earrings you’ve been saving since that last birthday. I always try to stick to no more than 7 bits of accessory – 2 earrings, a necklace, a couple of bracelets on one hand, watch on the other and count that bag too.


8- Makeup, Make Up, MAKE-UP

Let’s not go Katie Price in this B@%#&, no one wants to have people cringing at the sheer sight of them. Let’s also not go slender man and come in plain and boring. Spice yourself up a little, doll yourself up! A little eye-liner to sharpen those piercing eyes, a little foundation to glow and how about some eye shadow, just colourful and sparkly enough to draw in the most distracted eyes in the room. I personally prefer MAC, primarily because of the pass downs from my mum but also because of the low price-great quality it comes with

That’s all I’ve got for you for now. Please let me know your thoughts and be confident, share those pictures and share this with your friends too. Would love to hear from all of you

Love you all!

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