What Makes Wedding Invitations Expensive?

Here we are going to discuss (well actually i’m going to preach) about wedding invitation costs. Damn they can cost a lot!

There are different factors that impact the cost of having your invitations printed. The paper you choose is definitely going to have an impact on the cost. A thicker paper will be more expensive and extras such as getting golden letters or something as simple as getting the invitations folded will cause the price to go up. too Ordering your invitations at the last minute can also make the price go up, unnecessarily, since you might have to pay for a rush print job. You can get cheap wedding invitations if you choose a paper with a lower price and opt for a simpler type of print job. Getting envelopes that match the color and paper used for your invitations can also make the cost go up.

Look For Discounts

You can sometimes get discounts when ordering prints online, or at certain times. Some local stores might have interesting offers available, so definitely visit some locals and support them supporting you! Consider getting everything you need for your wedding printed at the same time, to use the same paper for everything and to get lower prices by ensuring you negotiate ( an advantage of going to a local shop instead of online ). This includes your save the date cards, invitations, menus and programs you will be handing out during your big day. A lot of online printing services offer introductory discounts to new customers or might have sales on specific products. Just google it!

Shop Around

The best way to find cheap wedding invitations is to shop around. You will probably find that online printing service offer better prices than local stores. If you decide to get your invitations printed online, ask for some samples first, so you can choose the right type of paper, font, size etc. that suits your needs. Visit different stores that offer printing services in your area to get quotes and look at the different papers they have in their inventory. Take the time to compare your options and look for a printing service that is affordable and that delivers a quality product.

Print Your Invitations Yourself

Printing your invitations or making them by hand can be a good way to save money and make the invitations more personal. You can purchase a nice cardstock paper and print your invitations yourself if you have a quality printer. You should consider purchasing a new printer if you have a lot of invitations to print and will be using the printer for other things in the future. Hand lettering your wedding invitations yourself can be time-consuming but this is an interesting option if you are talented and want unique invitations. Compare the cost of making your invitations yourself versus the cost of using a printing service and ask yourself if you have enough time to make your invitations yourself.

You definitely need to shop around to find the best way to get your wedding invitations printed. Avoid overspending on your invitations by looking for places that offer discounts, choosing an affordable paper and by getting started on your invitations a few months in advance.

Good luck and thank you for reading. Please leave a comment and share with your friends and family that may enjoy the read too!

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