5 Amazing Wedding Photographs

Who wants to see some gorgeous wedding photos?

(Me, me, me the crowd chants) Who doesn’t love to see some magical photos of some magical weddings?

Everybody loves weddings (some just for the food but I love the atmosphere created at different weddings), here are some of my favourite photos:

A picture in the sunset, I love how the shadow creates such a contrasting and Bold statement. Showing the true independence of this couple and co-dependence of the couple in one beautiful picture. It’s Romantic and It is Beautiful!

Now this looks fun, shows a family together and the unity across the team. Everyone is having fun! Jumping or posing for a wedding photo can capture that happy moment, you can always look back and smile at this kind of photo.

Cheesy as fudge, I know, but I love it! A picture like this, while indeed overdone and typical, it is for a reason. This is a must, not the wheat but a picture in the sun where you hold your partner close and give them a kiss in a field. Just brings some colour and intimacy to your album of wedding photos.

I love it! Classy car and a theme park! It’s like I’m a kid again. This looks like one hell of a photo. Looking to capture the theme park in the background of a wing mirror. Maybe as an embodiment of the move away from the less mature single life to the practical next steps logically in life.

Last, definitely not least, a picture capturing a bride being held up high by her groom. Smiling with a forest pathway in the background. It’s cute, bouncy and brings some life to your photo collection. When your kids look at this, they’ll know what true love is all about

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Happy Reading!

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