Creative Wedding Ideas

Weddings are one of (if not THE) most important days of your life. There is no way we are going to get away with following every standard wedding package offered to us by the, often plain and outdated, wedding planners. We want this wedding to be ours! We need to infuse our own creativity into our own weddings!

1- If you want to have a smooth, romantic wedding/if you want to fill your invitations with romance and with love, let’s first take a look at creative wedding ideas that are romantic.

If you want a romantic wedding, the organizer of this wedding must also be a talented romantic person. So everything must be original from the place where the original wedding will be, to the cloth that ensures the table is covered in a pleasant to the eye, not why is your shirt not tucked in? kinda way. Think about what makes you YOU. Just looking at lighting for a start, you don’t want your romantic theme to be outshone by a bright yellow light, perhaps some low lighting provided by some cute fairy lights ( like below ) would suffice. Music, Vital – you need to have some slow, melodic beat throughout the show, to accompany your theme. Flowers, maybe some standard red roses or you see romance in the yellow sunflower, whatever your pick, you can customise almost every part of the wedding to suit you. Invites could include some cute hearts in the corners or a petal through the background to setup the expectation from the get-go!

2- If you want to have a fun wedding and want to make the invitations exciting and moving, we offer  somecreative wedding ideas that will interest you in this matter.

What should be done for a fun wedding? You could go as wild as dressing the closest friends of the groom in women’s outfits and make them unrecognizable at the wedding or just have a little fun and add a unique theme to your wedding, Disney perhaps? It was a dream I had as a kid, dressing up as Aladdin and marrying my Princess Jasmine. Coming from a British-Asian family, I had several events at my own wedding and one of these events was inspired as above. I came strolling in on a custom-made wheelbarrow flying, magic carpet, with my Prince Ali outfit crafted for under a hundred pounds by some kind hearted locals. The music was booming from Disney the entire time and our invitation cards had tiny spring activated beetles that jumped in the face of my guests to let them know this is not your standard wedding. I loved it, my wife loved it and the guests were in tears of laughter the entire day. The entrance was of course Prince Ali – Aladdin and the book to sign at the wedding had a genie’s lamp accompanying the quill and ink. Whatever your dream, it can be achieved. BE BOLD

3- If you want a wedding that is tearful, with people emotional and feeling you, you should be aware of how to do it.

The people you invite to the wedding (or at least the ones you care about making cry) are relatives or close friends, and you can make the photos from the days you spend with them into a slideshow, some emotional commentary from yourself and heartfelt messages/memories with them all. Or if you have recently lost one of your relatives, you can make a speech in memory of them, remind them all of how close you were, how you miss them and still feel their presence and blessing. I would always remember to thank those that worked hard to make you who you are and how you are. Make sure they know how much you mean to them and how much you appreciate everything they’ve done. Also, no better way to pull on the strings than empathy, a couple of fake tears ( or real ) should do the trick. To implement the Creative Wedding Idea, you must be a solid team, friends and family, you need them to pull this off.

4 – Personal loves / themed weddings, let’s talk about the kind of wedding and you know it has a solid theme, everywhere you look. Let’s give you a tiger, as an example of something that you love to bit. You like Lions very much and you want to have your wedding arranged according to it, then you need to have an African airy layer, perhaps some foods inspired from the continent, maybe include a photo booth with manes and holding pieces like a safari hat or huge canines. You could even decorate the tables to suit, adding on cat foot prints to the seating. Maybe have some of the seating torn and ragged as if you have just come through the Pridelands.

Or maybe you have a thing for vampires, I mean who doesn’t? Edward Cullen? Dracula himself? What is your desire for the day? You could again take up the photo booth idea, this time add in fangs and maybe some fake blood. You could have the tables with small drops of red food colouring on it and then you could add on some steak for the dinner. Crosses in more than one place for some symbolic irony to your wedding day being the death of the bachelor/bachelorette? There are so many things you could do

More important than anything is remember that this day is for you and your spouse! If everyone chucks in ideas and preferences then that is great but it doesn’t mean that you follow what everyone has set for you. This is your day! Make it the way you envision it to be!

If you like these Creative Wedding Ideas, do not forget to comment or let us know how you have customized your own wedding. Also please share with your friends and family that you think might enjoy this blog and as always – Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it


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